Are You Giving Away Your Profits?

State tolerance is with in 2 to 3 cubic inches of fuel per 5 gallons. While that might not sound like much, a station dispensing 125,000 gallons a month giving away 3 cubic inches per every 5 gallons equals up to 3,900 gallons per year.

Meter Calibration can be affected in many different ways. From a drive off sending hydraulic pressure back through the meter, debris or contaminates in the fuel or even extreme temperatures. Causing your calibrations to be past the state tolerance and giving away greater than the allowed 2 to 3 cubic inches.

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Spigler Petroleum’s maintenance plans can help protect you from giving away your profits. With 2 calibrations per year for one low price. This plan also includes any state violations during that year.

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Don’t short your business by unintentionally shorting your customers. In today’s world consumers are much more aware of their vehicles MPG. Improper calibrations can short your customers, and drive them to other locations. As well as hiding potential leaks that could impact the environment and your business.

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